Success, just what is that? There are dozens of definitions for success like, I am happy, I am wealthy, I have a good family, I have a loving spouse, I have good friends, or I am generally better than I was yesterday. Maybe you define success as a combination of these things. The point is that most of us have a definition for success that if asked we could articulate. So let me ask the question a different way: Christian, what is your definition of success? Friend’s, if your success is based on things that will pass away, cars, money, happiness, earthly relationships, or personal improvement, in the end, all your success will be nothing. I submit to you that the true definition of success is, I served my King today, I ran my race today, I picked up my cross and followed today. These are the only definitions of success that will last. If you define success by anything other than how well you have served the King today then what you have is selfishness and idolatry; which in the end may lead to the eternal opposite of success. – Think About That