A rapper that goes by Lecrae once said, “if we fought for our right we would be in hell tonight” What is our right? Lecrae continued “Mere Sinner own nothing but a fears hand”. I often see posts on Facebook about “Achieving your potential”, “The potential inside you”, or “That power you feel, is your potential” These are just the ones from today. These posts are well-meaning but woefully misguided. The only potential we have, the right we are owed, is to create destruction. Everything we do outside Christ will at the very best be burned up and come to naught. Do not be deceived, only those that walk the “I”Less road will ever achieve true success. Lecrae concludes “Eternally worthy, how could I live for less?”. Make no mistake; if you live you less, you will be less. If Christ is not your reason, your reason is death.

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