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Five Reasons why I know Christianity to be True.

I was recently asked, how I know the story of Jesus is true? The questioner added, isn’t it just like the story of Achilles or Krishna? In my reply, I outlined the 5 reasons when Christianity is true. 1 Manuscriptes Achilles and the the Odyssey   We have, we have somewhere near nine manuscripts of […]

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A brief explanation of Calvinism TULIP, AKA the Doctrines of Grace.

This is dedicated to a dear friend. I intend this as a brief explanation, and not all will agree with how I explained each point. It is designed for people who have never heard of these ideas before and need a place to start. The scripture lists that are given are just a few choice […]

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Fidelity to Christ in the Life of the Leader: A Brief Essay on Christian Leadership.

Introduction            Biblical leadership is the step above in the Christian life. Paul highlights the necessity of outstanding personal character for pastoral leadership in his first letter to Timothy. If a person thoughtfully examines themselves in the light of Paul’s comments, they can very quickly become discouraged at their adequacy for […]

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