Political correctness is sin. I am focusing on people who called themselves Christians in this reply because the world is dead. There is no regeneration (rebirth) outside Christ so it is not surprising when this is true about them “… light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” (John 3:18). So sinful political correctness is normal for those that hate the night, however the deeper question is why do many people that say they know Christ (they say the bare the light with them) prefer politically correct rather than truth. I heard a sermon by Dwight L. Moody once about sleeping Christians that fit this. Moody said that Christian are all asleep and they do not want to wake up. Politically correct thoughts are cognitively easy. Meaning that you don’t have to really think to process them. That is the number one thing I run into when just trying to get people to read their Bibles regularly, people don’t want to have to think and when I can get them to read it they do not meditate on it for the same reason. I know they do not meditate on it because I ask them what they learned from their readings and I will get answers like, it was a good story, or Jesus loves me, which are platitudinal answers that demonstrate a level of indigestion of the text that borders on Spirit grieving. No, I am not saying I am immune to the apathy that comes from our first world existence. For example, I am a nerd, I like to say that I have been a nerd before it was cool to be a nerd. I have liked computers and video games since I was young. So of course when this new Pokémon game for the phone everyone is playing came out I started playing it. When I ran out of a certain in-game item, Pokeballs, I sent a screenshot to my friends complaining about it and one of them reminded me how the first world the problem was by saying #FirstWorldProblems. That statement hit me like a ton of bricks as the Spirit said to me, there are people that have not eaten for days and you are complaining about what? It was a wake-up moment and I owe my friend for their willing not to be politically correct but rather calling me out. The reason political correctness is so prevalent and so dangerous is that it does not wake people up from the first world apathy America is in. The poor people here are still in the top 10% of rich people in the world and those of us that are well off here, good job, house and a car, like myself, are in the top 5% in the world. When I was a soldier I saw real poverty in Iraq, I had my eyes opened to the real world and just how decadent even a conservative middle-class person lives here in America. Yet, even with that experience, I slip into sleep from time to time. The reason political correctness is so prevalent and so dangerous even for Christians is because it is so much easier to stay asleep, and political correctness won’t wake you up. As Christians our purpose here is to combat the lethargy that our world tries to pull us into. Any warrior must keep training in order to keep at their peak level. As Christians, we are warriors on a battlefield that is far more important than another in the world, the universe, or any time. Since I was a soldier I know the power of teamwork. I know that when your comrade is pressing on into the fight it makes pressing on easier. Political correctness is most often avoiding the fight not pressing into it.

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