In the United States today, what spiritual reality has shaped the political climate that we face and what is the solution?

The last part of the question needs an answer first I think. The plan fact is that there is no solution. Jesus told us the days will only get darker until His return (Luke 17:25-28). So we should expect to see sin growing in strength in the world. And this is not sin or Satan winning a battle against God, but rather God judgments. See, sin is synonymous with destruction. Most of the time God’s judgment on the sinner is more sin. You see abortion, homosexuality, rampant violence, and just plain sexual immorality have always been with us. So getting back to the first part of the question, “what spiritual reality has shaped the political climate that we face?” the reality is that we face the same sin Ezekiel did and that is rebellion against God (Ezekiel 2:3). The believer has two things however that provide them with a personal solution and a corporate solution for the body of Christ. There is no legislation, no words, and no people powered referendums that will get the world a solution. The world is dead, Jesus made that clear when he said let the dead bury the dead you come and follow me (Luke 9:60). The believer on the other has holiness. That means to be set apart, to be taken out of the world and that is the only solution for any of these that will work. Create a community completely separate from the world in the way we think, talk and live and then go into the world and invite others to join that community. This solution has to be personal before it can be corporate. A person must leave the world, violent, sexual, and human exalting TV shows have to become offensive. Church, study, and prayer have to become the daily norm. The solution, which only the believer can have, is to truly become NOTW. I am not afraid to say that if a person does not hate sin they do not love God. I am not talking about hating sinners, I am talking about hating sin in one’s own life. More than all that Jesus said we will know them by their fruit, the fruit of the Sprit is holiness. If a person’s fruit is not holiness then they are not a child of the God for they do not have His Spirit. And if they do not have his Spirit their destination is not likely to be heaven.

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