I went to a prayer meeting last night. During that meeting I experienced rage and pain because the men were not praying God’s will be done, they were praying our will be done. As a drove away I realized why my spirit had been so offended, this was not a prayer meeting it was a political rally. As I listed to the 15 different pastors their pray, I was not moved. No, worse than that I understood just how much this offended God. His power being entreated for human purposes. I started to think just what do I believe? Do I believe that God is all in all and that I can really trust Him? Or do I pray selfishly for what I will, are my prayers really for his will to come? Then one man stood up, he was not a man that seemed in charge and I do not even remember his name, I only remember that he was a Hispanic pastor from my town. And he said lets pray like Daniel prayed and my eye flew open. I realized that all this time the group had been praying that Nebuchadnezzar would be a good king, instead of honoring our real King. This unassuming man went on and said let’s ask for forgiveness and again my eyes opened and the words flew into my mind “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”(2 Chorn 7:14). Notice it doesn’t say if the world turns he will forgive and heal, it says “My People” “Called by My Name”. That is you church. The church in America has put its faith in something other than God! We are worried about who gets elected next, worried about our economy, worried about immigration, and worried about Isis, we are worried about the policies our current president is putting in place in our school and we have forgotten that God Is Sovereign! He puts the leaders in place, he turns the heart of men where he wills them, he intends evil on those that do war with Him but on the humble His mercy is everlasting. It is God who visits evil on the evil doer for generations to come (Exodus 20:5-6). Wake up church, where is your hope? Wake up church, where is your faith? Wake up church, is it not when the world is the darkest that the light of Christ shines the brightest? Wake up church, is your goal a safe and easy life or is the will of the Sovereign LORD! Will you serve Nebuchadnezzar and pray that God makes your slavery easy? Or will you preach the Gospel, put your faith in God, and having done all stand! (Ephesians 6:13) Christian’s should not be seeking peace and safety, look at history, look at your predecessors, they welcomed hard times because they desired God to be glorified in the surfing as well as in their safety. That is all I hear from Christian’s these days, God heal me, God provide for me, God give me safety, God give, God give, God give. You trust him to give but not take away? You see a decision by the Supreme Court redefining marriage, I see God forcing His asleep church to take a stand or prove that they are not really His. You see a dictator using public funding to push the LGBT agenda and put boys and girls in the same restrooms, I see God given His people yet another chance to preach the Gospel with relevance. Is it a bad thing to seek peace and safety? If the peace that safety comes at the expense of one soul’s salvation, YES! Wake up church, your time is now, how long will you be lulled to sleep by fake peace and safety. They that overcome win the crown and that crown is infinitely more valuable than a super bowl ring (Revelation 3:21).