Aaron, friend and pastor, to the church of Jesus Christ.. “Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”(Ephesians 1:2). It is by the grace of God that in His mercy He sent forth Jesus Christ, His Son, to die and be accursed on a tree (Deuteronomy 21:23) that I am able to greet you as brothers today. It is by Christ’s sacrifice that those foreknown and predestined by God would, in the power of the Spirit, form the brotherhood of Christ, in order that the faith be preached to the world. (Romans 8:29) I thank God that you have not forsaken your assembly and that daily I hear news of the Gospel being preached through you. Brothers, I would not have you unaware of the stronghold of the enemy that arrays itself against your very door. Many brothers have been deceived and, if they do not repent and turn, lose their faith. This tactic of the enemy is so potent because it preys upon the area where the flesh is often the most weak. The battle has even claimed many of those that call themselves shepherds. Following the events of churches around the world will bring even those that are not given to emotion to tears and story after story of brothers and sisters falling into sexual immorality will appear. But we know that the events of sexual immorality is not the true seed of the sin. James, the brother of Christ, taught us, from the Lord, that temptation is the work of the enemy that impregnates the soul with sin and when sin is fully mature, death will follow (James 1:15). Brothers make no mistake, there are those among you right now that have been impregnated with the sin of sexual immorality. The reason I can speak so boldly on this is that all you need to do is walk out your front door with your eyes unguarded and the temptation is there. But a far worse thing is happening amongst you than not guarding your hearts in the world. Many of you have brought this temptation into your homes and placed it as a shrine in your meeting room. Of course you know I am referring to your television choices. Do not mistake my words here friends, the television, in and of itself, is no more or less a sin than a rock. On the contrary the television brings avenues to access preaching and teaching and knowledge about God’s creation and what he made that are unparalleled and in that capacity the television is a tool for God’s Kingdom. However, brothers, many of you are not using the television for this purpose. Instead you have bought into the world’s entertainment by allowing images of such a sexual and violent nature to flow before your eyes that your souls are not just impregnated by one death but many. I should not need to be blunt because you should have a hatred for sin in your life from your rebirth. However, for your sakes, I must be forward, if you watch a show called Game of Thrones you are in effect signing your own death warrant. Do not mistake my words, thank God that the power of God can and does work above our simple selfishness. Nevertheless, be wise brothers put such things away from you and see them for the death they are. And those of the you that may have strayed even farther from the path into pornography or licentiousness please return brother, for adulterers will not enter the kingdom of heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9). Do you not know that the Lord Himself said that adultery is in the heart and to look with lust is adultery?(Matthew 5:28) How can you then in your heart justify to yourself that you have not committed adultery when you do these things and the word of our Lord himself testifies against you? You cannot, and if you continue in this way you will be swallowed up in your sin and you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Pray therefore brothers for yourselves and each other that God not let you fall into this sin and that he rescues speedily our brothers that have already fallen. Pray for me as well that God keeps me in His paths and brings me again to you with all haste. I commend the bearer of this letter to you. He was once a sinner like all of us but he has been freed and the Lord as seen fit to be mightily with him. The saints that are here with me greet you. My bride and fellow laborer, Tiffany, greets you as well. Grace and peace to you from your Lord Jesus. Amen.

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